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For over forty years the Chamber has worked to improve the livability and economic environment of our community. We are a nonprofit organization without any paid staff. All of our work is performed by Board members, Chamber members, and volunteers. The Chamber hosts two major events each year – Hazelnut Fest and Volksfest as well as runs a souvenir booth during Oktoberfest.  The goal for these events is to bring people to town, offer a place for local artisans to share their craft, and have some fun. 

But our FAVORITE thing is to help with special projects in the community.


The money raised through Volksfest helps pay for flower baskets around town, holiday decor downtown and fountain maintenance. It also allows the Chamber to contribute to:

Mt. Angel Community Foundation

Father Bernard Youth Center

Habitat for Humanity

American Legion

Mt. Angel School District

Jr. First scholarship

Tunnel to Towers

These are just a few examples of what the Chamber does with the money it earns at our various activities.  We couldn’t do it without our volunteers and the residents of Mt Angel who come to support these events – so thank you so much for your support.

Our Festival Name

The Wurstfest Association of New Braunfels, Texas and the Mt. Angel, Oregon Chamber of Commerce have reached a Settlement Agreement resolving the use of the term Wurstfest for their respective Wurstfest festivals. The Wurstfest Association of New Braunfels has a registered trademark that predates the Mt. Angel Wurstfest and has informed the Mt. Angel Chamber of Commerce that they object to the Chamber's use of the name Wurstfest. In order to amicably resolve this issue and avoid expensive litigation, the Mt. Angel Chamber has agreed to cease using the term Wurstfest. As a result we have chosen the new name Volksfest to represent all people!

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